Product Notes

This product has the following characteristics.
Please understand in advance that the product will not be considered defective if returned for any of the reasons listed below.

*The products in the images are samples. The color, specifications, processing, size, material, etc. may differ slightly from the actual product.*

About the color of the product image
Although the product images are created to closely resemble the actual color of the product, the color may appear slightly different depending on the type of LCD screen, etc.

Regarding Enameled Materials
Please do not store shoes with both feet close together, as enameled materials can cause shoes to stick to each other and tear the material.

Regarding suede-like materials
Suede-like material tends to fade easily, so please do not store it in close contact with other materials. Please note that the color may migrate to the insoles, lining fabric, etc., but this is not a defect.

Regarding scratches, scuffs, and color fading of natural leather
Products made of natural leather may have scratches, slips, and uneven coloring due to the original nature of the leather, but these are not defective. Please understand that they are not defective. Rainwater, sweat, or sebum stains may cause stains or discoloration. In addition, depending on usage conditions, the color of this product may migrate to other items with which it comes in contact.

Regarding delicate materials
Shoes made of very delicate materials such as tulle, lace, and knit are very vulnerable to friction and shock, and the surface may tear.

Regarding cushion insoles such as iCoN
iCoN insoles are made with a three-dimensional structure. Therefore, there may be some lifting, gaps, or peeling before putting on the shoes. These insoles will be crimped to the inside of the pumps as you wear them, conforming to the shape of your feet. If there is a sticking sound caused by the insole lifting, it will be resolved as the insoles are used more frequently. Although the insoles are inspected and shipped after the above symptoms are resolved, some insoles may come off before they reach the customer's hands.